An Irrational Fear of Grizzlies

So, my backpacking expedition was quite the adventure.  I smelled worse than a sailor at sea.  I am now showered, as I’m sure you are relieved to know, and not quite in the mood to spill all of the minute details, but I did want to comment on one thing.

I have now added Grizzly Bears (yes, it is all capitalized due to my horror) to my worst fear list.  I suppose something had to replace my deep water fear.


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3 Responses to An Irrational Fear of Grizzlies

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but Grizzly Bears seem like a perfectly rational fear to have…..wouldn’t want to meet one on the way to the pub on a dark night….

  2. travelingmad says:

    Why would your fear of Grizzly bears be irrational?!??

    Sounds terrifying to me also.

    I am still working on my fear of deep water. Swimming lessons are very helpful with that. I feel so much more comfortable in the water now.

    The bear thing though, I don’t want to work on. I will stay out of their neighborhoods.

  3. Kendal says:

    Why, you are absolutely correct in that they are very terrifying. I suppose I meant that it was an irrational fear since I’m fairly certain there aren’t even any Grizzly Bears in the area in which I was backpacking.

    kateshrewsday-I should certainly hope that you don’t come across a Grizzly Bear on the way to pub. That would be most alarming.

    travelingmad-I too am working on my swimming abilities in order to boost my confidence in deep water! You’ll have to let me know if you make any progress. So far I can jump into a lake off the top of a house boat (with life vest on).

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