How to Be Vibrant

I have discovered at least 7 completely fool proof ways to zap my eyes into twinkling again.

1. Bubble baths-candlelight is required in this case.

2. Prayer (you can determine what that means to you.)

3.  Paul Simon, in particular “Something So Right”, “Gone at Last”, and the entire “Graceland” album.

4.  Completely natural flirtation, however natural is the key word.  And this is debatable as to whether or not this is a great idea, but I’m vain enough for it to work. (See my first post for a better understanding on my vanity.)

5.  Dyeing my hair.

6.  Rereading through my journal and/or my silly file entitled “Nicest Things People Have Said to Me” in which I type up all of the compliments that stick with me.  (Great idea for those of you who are too blind to see your value; you’ll see what you’re worth through the reflection of others’ reactions.)

7.  Forgiving whatever it is that clung to my soul and tried to suck me dry.

P.S. I would like to apologize to my male readers that aren’t comfortable with the concept of lounging in bubbles with candlelight.  I wish I could write you some alternatives and yet, a golden bath is irreplaceable.  I am so grateful I’m a girl, I would be heartbroken without all of the glorious pursuits that so many men turn down due to foolish society “rules”.


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4 Responses to How to Be Vibrant

  1. My boyfriend takes a bath almost every night. So he can appreciate your love of baths, as can I.

    And yes, I said boyfriend 🙂

  2. Located your blog post via live search the other day and absolutely find it irresistible. Continue the great work.

    • Kendal says:

      Thank you! I hope you continue to be a reader, it’s rewarding to have people enjoy my writing, what little I put forth into the universe anyway. So thanks. 🙂

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