Bye, Bye Bikinis

I would like to hear a rousing round of applause as Kendal Romero has traded in the classic bikini for an even more beloved retro one piece!  Due to the fact that my pool requires us to wear one piece (three cheers for a religious campus..), I have struggled in vain to find something that doesn’t make me look like a mother of twelve.  I am young, I am attractive, and I like my body, so help it, and I finally found something I feel fantastic in!  This gorgeous swimsuit is from Modcloth and so now I would like to invite you all to enjoy the wonders yourself:

Here is my swimsuit:

My Absolutely Stunning Swimsuit!

And here is the link to this heavenly store: I think I am going to save up my little pennies for a glorious dress on this deliciously vintage website.  If you have any recommendations or are making any purchases yourself, please, share with me.  I can’t write enough on Modcloth, so I’m making a new category just for this.

I think I’m going to slip on into it and take a dip in my pool; proudly donning my new one piece.


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2 Responses to Bye, Bye Bikinis

  1. ben jensen says:

    ooo, do you have a swim cap too?

  2. Jessica Helms says:

    That swimsuit is a cutie! I’m glad you traded it in 🙂

    Oh yeah, I looked at that site. Their heels are hot! Even though some of them, I wouldn’t wear… It’s just me.. A lot of them rock. Why did you post that site!? All of my money will go to clothes instead of food now….

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