My Favorite Question to Ask


Why have I chosen the mystical, impractical, and passionate world of theatre to be the world in which I choose my career?  I forgot for a while there.  I forgot the way the stage feels under my feet.  The single heart beat that doesn’t show up to work when I read a cast list with my name scrawled next to some character I haven’t met yet.  The way that I can feel an audience’s energy replacing my own and I forget about all of the technical tools I’ve acquired, all of my own inadequacies, and I manage, for a mere second in time, to share a piece of me with strangers.

Why do I adore the feel of my suitcase handle in my hand as I experience a place unknown to me?  The change, the pulse, the way my eyes skip for joy at the chance to stretch their talents to something other than the Western United States.  The way my creativity expands as my world reaches out past University Avenue.

I’m just not sure I’ve got the words when it comes to answering why I love some people the way I do.  I can provide so-called “reasons” upon demand, but they are more endearing observations than a catalyst that created my love for them.  I just love when I catch myself slipping easily into someone else’s world.  I catch myself smiling when I shouldn’t, laughing loud when I ought to be hushed, and beaming underneath my sheets at night when I realize that I got to spend just one more day with the myriads of extraordinary individuals that someone up there created to help this very, alarmingly ordinary girl get through her life with twinkling brown eyes. (I love brown eyes…)

So, thanks.


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3 Responses to My Favorite Question to Ask

  1. I really enjoyed this post. Not very many people love brown eyes. That alone makes you special.

  2. You are a delightful writer.
    I get so excited to see a new post from you. Lovely lovely, my dear.

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