I’m Practically Irish

I’m lucky.

I seem to always draw the card I need in a deck.  I actually win money at those scratch cards in good old Fort Collins, albeit a few dollars.  I can’t swing a dead cat without meeting someone incredibly interesting, unique, stunning, and on top of all this, views me the same way.  I find $20 bills in my coat pockets and right when I’m wondering how to get some more cash, lo and behold, a check I should have had mailed to me months ago slips it’s way into my mailbox.  All of my little tragedies have faded into a simple kind of poetic past, one that causes me little strife now but just enough to where I feel like I’ve lived.  Without much exertion, my tests with happy grades on them flock to me like deprived 30 year old moms to the Twilight movies (also known as “Jacob’s abs”).  I magically find sales on http://www.modcloth.com (hurry, the Last Hurrah sale is ending!) and snag a $70 dress for $16.  That is actually adorable.  Most of all, I am loved.

But there will always be something.  Someone who comes up, someone who challenges who you are.  Embrace it.  It makes your life meaningful.  Use the doubts, the fears, the anxieties to prove to yourself and the world that your life is indeed, wonderful.  And if those doubts reveal that maybe something needs to change in your life, change it.  It’s as simple as that.  There aren’t any excuses, any reasons, and conceivable situation that would result in someone else preventing you from change.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the sound of me stepping off of my soapbox.


About Kendal

Just a girl.
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