Scathing Distaste for the Unfaithful

These are just a few of the images that accurately convey how I feel when I catch wind of brainless idiots cheating in their relationships.  I don’t care if whoever your with is an ax murderer, you end that relationship before getting into a new one.  If you are thinking to yourself, “I am only [insert age here].  I’m not ready for commitment.  Why should I be chained down?” and various other comments, then I tell you, in bold letters, do not get into an exclusive relationship. It is more than fine for an individual to need to focus on just meeting people, traveling, canoodling with as many possible attractive humans as they can fit in a week, but canoodle away and don’t make someone else suffer from your incapacity to love.

I really don’t care what excuse you have.   I don’t care if it was just “a mistake”, the person you were with isn’t a quote, “good” person, you felt lonely, and you are standing in front of me with tears streaming down your face, I’m not going to have any sympathy for you.  Harsh?  Maybe.  But my reaction doesn’t come close to what you have done to another human being who crossed those excruciating walls that humans have to open up to you.  I wish you luck in moving on and trying to construct a decent person out of the mess, (I actually can think of one person in my life who cheated that has become a very loyal, dependable partner) but don’t expect me to let you cry on my shoulder when they leave you.

So, to you unfortunate people in my life that are running in slow motion in a closed nightmare, please know, you have my utmost respect.  And a post written just for you.


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2 Responses to Scathing Distaste for the Unfaithful

  1. lisiemarie says:

    Thanks-from someone you didn’t know the post was being written for. ❤

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