The Good Men I Know

Since I was so negative about men in my last entry, (I know, I wrote it to not have gender specifics but I was thinking of a couple of sleazy men in my mind) I thought I would write about the best of men that I have had the honor of knowing; hopefully this will reassure all of you potentially bitter females that there are good men somehow singing in the shadows of disappointing boys.  I have a strict rule in which I am delicate when addressing matters in my own life so they will all remain nameless.  Except for one.  My dad.  (Note: these are all men I have met except for my dad.  I was born into a family of superior men as well, so while I’m writing a novel now, it would be an encylopedia before I was finished with that.)

1.  Dad.  Some days, I think you weren’t made for this world.  You are so above it in so many ways, and the brilliancy of you is that you would be the first to disagree with this.  I have the highest admiration of your opinions, your thoughts, your taste in all manner of things; most importantly, you treat women, and people in general for that matter, in such a way that you gave me hope I could find a romantic in this jaded, bitter world.  You make me feel brilliant, unique, vibrant, capable, and even when you exercise your parental powers, I still feel beautifully flawed.

2.  I’ll name the following after characters.  Don’t look into the names too deeply.  To Noah: You were the first boy I encountered that convinced me that chivalry was burning bright in many a man.  I started searching for White Knights thanks to you.

3.  To Matt: I believe in family, thanks to you.  I am ashamed to admit that wasn’t always apparent to me.  Your optimism is the reason I’m in theatre, toughing it out.  You made me believe in myself as an artist.  You are so hopeful.  Different blood runs through our veins, but you’re a brother to me.

4.  To Alexei:  You kept the desire to be the best of friends when I was tearing you apart.  You have the purest of patience, my friend.  I believe in love and the strength it has to forgive even the deepest of wounds.  Your contentment to be my friend without ever acting on daydreams of something bigger used to cause me regret; I think of it as one of my greatest blessings.  I don’t know if I would have had the maturity to keep you in my life if you hadn’t had that integrity of yours.

4.  To Fred and George:  I ought to tell you just how good I think you really are in person.  You probably have no, conceivable idea how high my opinion of you is.  You reminded me that I was charming, fun, and that I have potential to be wicked cool on occasion.  (Although, I suspect it is only in reflection of such excellent company.)  You paved the way for me to once more believe in my abilities to be magnetic as a girl in class, actress, and most importantly, friend.  While you might seem closed, quirky, or whatever other adjective you are scared of being, I pity the girls that come after you because I will be looming overhead, making sure they have met my long list of requirements for two of my favorite men walking.

5.  To Jack:  I’ve sat here, fingers on the keyboard, for far too long.  There are adjectives that are literally, waterfall-ing out of you and I can’t catch them all in my tiny hands.  You are passionate, determined, forgiving, understanding, honest, open, loving, talented, humble, and just…good.  What a simple word with no other real alternative!  The way you treat women is surreal.  Your zeal for life is infectious.  You teach me what having an effect on people ought to mean.  You bring people closer to things that really matter.  You make people believe in love, in hope, in themselves, in art, in God (define that as you will), in life.

Thank you, gentlemen, for protecting this lady of yours.  While independent, fiery, and generally non-cooperative, she is free to do so because you have loved her fiercely.

…and thank you, sweet readers, for being so amiable in letting me write of such personal matters.  I hope you have equally as delightful men in your life as well.  I would love to hear of them.


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3 Responses to The Good Men I Know

  1. The great men in my life are my brothers, and my kind-of-not-really-boyfriend (yes, yes, still working on that, but he’s really truly an amazing man outside of what I’ve told you).

    My big brother inspires me to try new things, be it new music, new movies, new places to go, or shouting swear words at the top of my lungs (twas a hilariously momentous moment for me), he pushes me and challenges me without even realizing it. He and I have so much in common and get along so well. I miss him – he lives 6 hours away. And it makes me feel great when he comes to his little sister for advice 🙂

    My little brother inspires patience in me. He is a ball of energy all the time, and has an odd sense of humor that I find incredibly annoying, but I wouldn’t have him any other way. He’s my little man.

    My , though difficult at the moment, has been nothing short of amazing, before everything that went down in the last few days. He’s supported me, encouraged me, tells me everyday how much he cares about me and all sorts of lovely things like that. I know he is good for me. We just have this one thing to work on and everything else will be okay. 🙂

  2. That last part was supposed to say “My boyfriend” not “My ,”

  3. Kendal says:

    I thought I had replied to this post of yours! I absolutely adored hearing about the men in your life. Sometimes I think us women forget to give credit where credit is due. It’s wonderful to hear of men doing good.

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