Hibernating Tastebuds

Dear, Sweet, Readers,

Please, help a impoverished college girl. I eat Ramen and macaroni. These can be simple pleasures, but they have crossed that realm into staples of my diet. I am not particularly creative in my cuisine due to a low budget, but if you have a favorite recipe, favorite thing to eat, anything at all to help get my tastebuds out of this rut, I would be indebted to you. Forever.


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Just a girl.
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2 Responses to Hibernating Tastebuds

  1. ben jensen says:

    i’m in the habit of buying fruit and veggies every two days. healthy and tasty! i limit myself to 2 days worth though, because i often forget about food if i’m not planning on eating it right away-ish.

    • Kendal says:

      I jumped on board with this idea. Thank you Ben! It’s been glorious! I’ve been eating plums, pears, green beans, a festival of healthy deliciousness! So many exclamation marks! Maybe it’s how healthy I am!

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