All You Need is Love

1.  On Yahoo News today, I read an incredibly heartwrenching article about a game designer, Brian Wood who, when faced with the situation of an SUV running into him, his wife, and his baby headfirst, made a split second decision to turn the wheel to his side of the car.  He was killed, but his baby and his wife stepped out alive and breathing.  Doctors declared the impossibility of everyone living if Brian hadn’t spun the car.  Everyone would be dead.  So people do still have deep love for each other.  I just wish it didn’t have to end for him.

2.  I have gas in my car, flowers on my desk, flowers soon to be received, and a letter I’m rereading as repeatedly as a broken record.  I’m left a little lightheaded, wondering how I got here.  (That Thing You Do reference: “I led you here sir, for I.  Am.  Spartacus.”)

3.  I’m in my favorite library at the present moment, trying not to be obsessive with my peripheral vision which is catching a couple who is very clearly oblivious to everything about their location, circumstance, and anything else that is on this green Earth except for themselves and maybe the 2 ft. radius that surrounds them.  I want to let me them know I feel that way too, that there are millions of us who feel that way.  But I don’t want to interrupt them.  Or have them think that I’m a total lunatic.

4.  I have a friend that has traveled miles since I first met her.  She is understanding.  She has taught me so much about life, that I want to jump for joy that she has learned how to give the beautiful present of second chances.

I think The Beatles were right, frankly.


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