“The less I give, the more I get back.”

I’ll repeat those lyrics from the wonderful married couple who have named their band, “The Civil Wars”: “The less I give, the more I get back.”

It is a gorgeous, rich September night.  I can feel all of the change thick on the wind.  And even now, among my peace, among all of this warmth for life, those ghosts come back and despite the cold, I feel myself growing cold.  But I can feel the mountains keeping me close and the stars are so promising tonight that I have decided to let myself forget these things that have not happened.  I’m not even going to add a “yet” on the end of that sentence.  It is just life.  There are sad things and there are tragedies and the first can be soothed with soft words, yoga, chocolate, bubble baths, feeling a baseball between my fingers and/or (in the case of myself) the calmest of evenings.  The second one has no answers.  At least none you can succinctly type up in a convenient little blog.

I am very happy to find I have no little tragedies.


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