Usually Socially Adept

There is nothing more awkward than hearing a knock on one’s door, opening it up, and finding two people who you barely are acquainted with standing there looking at you in complete and utter silence.  Questions are futile.  Inviting them to sit is to no avail.  They continue to burn a hole with a stare akin to laser vision.

This actually happened to me today.  Two staring people, with responses that would come after what must have been at least 30-60 seconds of total silence (or filled in by my various, desperate sporadic babbling in a dying man’s effort to save my discomfort).  I could feel their kind, generous natures radiating underneath this Roman epic of a social challenge.

I feel like putting on a nice dress and dancing furiously until my elbows get sweaty and my deformed pinky toe gets blisters.  Somehow, that desire evolved out of my Awkward Encounter of the Third Kind.

*Silence* (Not the real person that stared at me in my doorway)


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2 Responses to Usually Socially Adept

  1. ben jensen says:

    awkward home teachers?

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