Social Norms

I don’t believe in them.  Usually.  Here are a handful of ones that I, Kendal Romero, an incredibly liberal soul who detests following any sort of society rules, have determined to be necessary.

1.  You use bathrooms.  This is self-explanatory.

2.  You get a room.  You know what I mean.

3.  You do not do anything that would give my Grammi reason to come after you with her shotgun that she does know how to use.  (This includes murder, rape, intense drug crimes, and you better pray to whomever you worship if you have harmed a child that she doesn’t find you.  She literally said these words to me when I asked her if she seriously would commit murder because they had beat or molested a child: “I’ve lived a long life.” She wasn’t smiling.)

4.  You do not kiss someone who has a ring on their ring finger on their left hand unless you are the person that gave it to them.

And that’s all I’ve got for right now.  Really basic, really normal rules.  But that leaves me wondering why it feels like, on occasion, we still live in a Victorian society.


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2 Responses to Social Norms

  1. benji says:

    surely you mean ring finger 🙂

    what’s an intense drug crime?

  2. Kendal says:

    Thank you for pointing that out! The meaning is not the same at all if I say “middle” instead of “ring”! 🙂 And an intense drug crime are people who kill and do severe damage thanks to drugs. Like cocaine dealers who smuggle it over the Mexico border. Things like that. My Grammi just thinks kids who smoke weed in their basement are stupid. So one might not have her respect, but she isn’t going to shoot you. She’ll just think you’re an idiot.

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