Disney Princess Wedding Dresses

Yes, my dear readers.  There is soon to be launched a glorious new collection by Alfred Angelo that is inspired by Disney Princesses.  I am going to let myself oogle shamefully and let my estrogen go haywire.  Here is the website it will be on (although it’s just in the process of going up): http://www.disneybridal.com/

If you click on the “Learn More About Us” link, you can watch a little snippet in which it shows some of the dresses.  🙂  I love wedding dresses.  If I were a fashion designer, I would design dresses.  And it would be lovely.  I’m only 20, who knows maybe I’ll design some delicious little concoction such as…

Oh sad! I could not get it to upload.  You should show me any pretty pictures of wedding dresses if you have any.  I think they’re lovely and I’ve been admiring the high quality ones.

Disclaimer: My obsession with exquisite wedding dresses stems from me being a fashion-adoring female, not from any sort of event in my personal life.  Please do not be alarmed.


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2 Responses to Disney Princess Wedding Dresses

  1. Remember our clothing designs from back in the day? I think I still have them somewhere.. I should search!
    Those Disney dresses are lovely!! I will send you some photos of diviiiiine dresses I’ve seen. 🙂

  2. Kendal says:

    I very faintly remember those designs! How delightful! I hope you still have them, I would love to reminisce. 🙂
    And I perused those dresses you sent me. They are perfect. Thank you for sharing!

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