I Stumbled Across It

I felt stumbly today.

Yes, I just used the word stumbly.  Language is what you make it, people.  And there is just not other way of expressing my emotions-I was just so unequivocally stumbly today.  I stumbled across forgiveness for someone in my life that it was high time to forgive.  I stumbled across poverty to a strange kind of abundance.  I stumbled through being a beep to someone I love.  I stumbled into work from a stumbly sort of rehearsal for Uncle Vanya that yet again, made me feel totally and completely inadequate.  I strongly dislike feeling stumbly in rehearsals and yet, I so often do.

And I stumbled home.

I also stumbled into a blog post that was incredibly inspiring and once I figure out how to link the post to my blog, I will because I think I’m going to copy the idea.  The writer of this blog has chosen 101 things to do in 1001 days.  How brilliant is that?  And the ideas are very well thought out and personal, such as reading their own height in books, and buying a disco ball.  I don’t know, they’re not the cliche “I want to own a Vespa and write existentialist poetry in a Parisian cafe.”  Not that I don’t want to own a Vespa or live in France.  But still.

This blog is all mush and nothing of real interest.  Here’s something for you: The word tittup means to move in a lively manner often with large or exaggerated action.  May we all incorporate the word tittup more frequently into our vocabulary.  Perhaps stumbly can be added as well.

Postscript: My Crusade is going well.  I am in the process of reclaiming an entire band.  The Dispatch is surprisingly quick in its recovery.  This gives me hope for the rest of my list.



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3 Responses to I Stumbled Across It

  1. marinasleeps says:

    I felt stumbly today …. no wait I actually did stumble outside … in front of everyone.

  2. benji says:

    looks like you read sara’s blog. she’s way cool. and she’s into anime. the two of us are (road?) tripping out to L.A. in december to take a japanese proficiency test. yup.

  3. Kendal says:

    M-I’m sorry to hear that you literally felt stumbly! May your bruises heal quickly and you’re embarrassment fade. 😉

    B-It was a delightful blog! I’ll have to let her know how pleased with it I was! And if she likes anime, she’s cool with me. 🙂 And that is AWESOME that you are road tripping to LA for a Japanese test. May you perform admirably.

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