My Mexi-Stache

This is the most unattractive post I will [probably] ever post.  Ladies and gentlemen, I struggle with mexi-staches.  Sometimes I’ll be putting on my foundation, thinking everything is hunky-dory, until lo and behold!  There it is!  A mustache with a creepy factor somewhere in the realm of Brad Pitt’s facial concoction.

Brad Pitt: Notorious for Poorly Conceived Facial Artistry

So I dedicate myself to another crusade, one in pursuit of a clean upper lip.  A feminine appearance.  And I will secretly long for blonde-dom and their blessed hidden hairs.  Better yet, I’ll dream big and shoot for laser hair removal.


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Just a girl.
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1 Response to My Mexi-Stache

  1. marinasleeps says:

    Let me know what you figure out cause I um to um struggle with that issue.
    You may continue.

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