Stanislavsky Meets Me

But soft, what is this?  A second post?  Why yes, gentle readers.  I grace your virtual lives with my virtual presence once more on the 20th of October.  My day looks up.  I received gorgeous roses. (I never thought I liked roses really until I met a man who loves them so much he doesn’t really care what flowers I like.  He is utterly convinced that no flower could trump the beauty and romance of a rose.  So I learned to love them)  I also ate at Cafe Rio, magically was not needed at rehearsal (Thank goodness, my corset was killing me.  I experienced something akin to a blowfish thanks to my aforementioned expedition to the Cafe of Rio), and am wearing my beloved pumpkin earrings to herald the beginning of the holiday season.

I figured I would let you know I am breathing air (still not the sunshine-y air, but good, crisp, library air at least).  Also, I wanted to amuse you all with the concept that we are all characters.  I got to thinking about what I would appear like if an actress were to try and play me.  What is my overall objective?  How do I act around my family, my friends, my professors?  What would be the hardest monologues in the play?  When do I snap?  When are the stakes high?  What are my mannerisms?  How do I sit in hardwood chairs as opposed to soft ones?  When do I feel comfortable enough to go barefoot?  What am I insecure about?  Who am I attracted to?  What am I aware of?  What am I not aware of?  What consciously drives me? What subconsciously drives me?  What am I just pretending with, but to an audience it is incredibly clear that I am not being honest with myself?

It’s illuminating to do character work on yourself.


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  1. I know much of nothing in regard to acting and the process, but I have thought and do believe that we are all characters. The questions you posed were very good. I liked them. & you’re right it is very illuminating to do character work on yourself. 🙂

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