Kissing a Fool

The sweet sound of smooth jazz.

“You are far, when I could have been your star/You listened to people who scared you to death, and from my heart/Strange that I was wrong enough to think you could love me too/You must have been kissing a fool.”

I have this slightly ridiculous fantasy of dressing up in a dazzling, probably beaded black dress, reminiscent of days gone past, with sultry eyes, blues-ing my way through life in some smoky club.  Are there still those blues ladies out there?  The real ones.  The ones that wear the long dresses and sing with a piano and saxophone.  Of course, I don’t sing, but man, I love the idea of it.  The whole atmosphere is gorgeous.  I just watched Don’t Bother to Knock and there is a character who is one of those women and it got me thinking about it when I listened to Kissing a Fool and George Michael’s painfully silky voice.

Please, do yourself a favor and listen:

It’s the first track.


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