You are better than you think you are.

There is a reason why at funerals, everyone has a million things to say to the point where those in the audience views the departed as some demi-angel that graced us with their presence while here amid mortals.  It’s a shame we aren’t able to fully grasp a person’s worth and express it to them, but it’s there.  It’s out in the universe.  Poof!  Someone right now is thinking about you.  We are not invisible, no matter how much we would like to be.  All of those comments and opinions and emotions we have for others are being invested in us as well.  There are people who made fun of our hair in passing, who thought we laughed too loud, who couldn’t get up the nerve to talk to us, who writes in their journal about how breathtaking we are, who have changed their major because of something we said, who pray because we are happy when we do, who couldn’t understand why we do the things we do-all of it is being said about us.

You are much better than you think you are.


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2 Responses to Unique

  1. Brianna Michel says:

    Gosh I miss you!!!!

  2. Have you heard of life funerals? There is a quote from one of the movies I really like, Big Fish, that goes somewhere along the lines of… “one of my biggest [pet peeves] is to see people trying to talk to the dying” I messed the quote up :-/ … but I think you might get the message. Everything you say is true though, and I completely agree with it. So, I think in-life-funerals are good for these types of things. Holding a life funeral where you invite people, close friends and/or people who know you and have them do the whole funeral thing. 🙂 With you, still alive.

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