Closing Night

I am in a room with other lovely creatures and I asked for ideas and concepts on what to write to all of you.  I received mostly lackluster ideas, with the highlight of it all being “Cracker Jacks” so perhaps I’ve learned a key lesson here at the last and final show of Romeo and Juliet which is this: that I am the only person with good ideas.  (As you well know, this is not true in the slightest.)

I bet you wish you were sitting right next to me, listening to a Filipino man say “Oh Kendal” in as many ways as he can dream of in the span of 5 minutes with a gorgeous, tall blonde harmonizing.  These are the people I have spent inhuman amounts of time with and have since September, and I am left with a strange, desperate hope that I will still know these people as closely as I have in these past few months.  (The “Oh Kendal”s are still ringing constant and strong.)  I have found some beautiful people in this cast with the best of virtues and even better imperfections.  They have taught me more about art and trusting in my ability to flirt, act, and put my legs in attitudes than I wouldn’t have guessed upon my poor first impression.

And now, to the tune of “Let’s Dance” sung by some of these people, I must go and do some ballet.  Ciao.


About Kendal

Just a girl.
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