Forgive Thou Your Hometowns

I have grand news of epic proportions!  I have forgiven my hometown for its myriad of shortcomings, thanks to a dear friend’s Christmastime wedding.  Somewhere amidst the Shirley Temples, old friends, and the Beegee’s, I discovered I am forever woven into my shabby town.  And I accepted it today laughing away on the dance floor.  This is where I’m from.  I was a gypsy child to be sure, but this is the only place I grew roots.

I can’t breathe it in enough.  These people and places that surround me during this holiday season showed me, through both their strengths and their weaknesses, how to feel.  I learned passion walking among the sage and small downtown shops.  I can’t count all of the joys and delights I would not love if it hadn’t been for Wyoming.  The euphoria of a perfectly made meal, of watching the digital clock in the kitchen keep time to life changing conversations, of how dancing and singing loudly and off-key can be the inspiration you need, of taking deep breaths of mountain air (that is available even in town) until your lungs give you a standing ovation, and most importantly, what actually matters in this life.  Ambition, jealousy, vanity, and material wealth seems trivial when you’re sitting on a bench on top of a small mountain, with the stars covering you in a blanket of infinite perspective.

And I find myself, for the first time since I began walking my own path and not others, finding myself completely immersed in peace.  At home.


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1 Response to Forgive Thou Your Hometowns

  1. Jordyn says:

    Love, love, LOVE this! Small towns are lot of things, but they will always have place in my heart. 😀

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