Christmas Entry

Oh, Christmas.

There has yet to be invented a language that can elaborate on my deep well of emotions that I draw on at Christmas.  I find English to be a poor farmer of words.  For informational purposes to those who are intrigued by how I spend my minutes, I was happily employed on the 25th of December.  I found myself organizing my complete set of baseball cards for the year (I wish you all the joys of creating order in such a chaotic world, even if it is merely baseball cards!), watching Arrested Development and The Office, eating an exorbitant amount of ham, and of course, playing games with my family.  I also caught myself staring at my little plastic Christmas tree that is now just a few inches taller than me.  I think I’m in love.*  I don’t see beauty such as my tree with its Crayola colored lights every day.  I wish you the merriest of holidays.  We are all very lucky, aren’t we?  It puts things in perspective.  And as you all have probably guessed by now, I fancy perspective.

I must memorize my scripts, for I am already overwhelmed by responsibility and the importance of being both Buttercup and Gwendolen (The Princess Bride and The Importance of Being Earnest respectively) and while I am almost done on that score, I also would care to enjoy the holiday season.  I hope my directors come across this entry somehow and they can realize the sad cruelty of forcing actors to memorize while eating Christmas ham leftovers with warm Santa socks on their footsies.

Ciao, dear readers.  I will write you again soon.

*I also fell in love with a fictional character.  It might be literally.  His name is Will Ladislaw, you might recognize his face as belonging to Rufus Sewell, although his looks are the tip of a beautiful iceberg.  I am incredibly lucky that I happen to know someone who resembles Mr. Ladislaw in more than a few ways.  I would probably give up hope in men and pine after a man that existed only in the pages, or the film adaptation, of George Eliot’s Middlemarch.


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