My Rejection of the Miserable in Me

Long time no chat.  So to update you on my life, I can’t think a better way than of revealing my resolutions for two reasons: one, in my vanity, I will assume you are interested and have been pondering what my goals for the New Year are and two, though I am strong willed, I am also flighty and intemperate and your encouragement is most welcome.

1.  To be content.  I am dissatisfied towards theatre (if I were to have a royal crest, “Theatre Dissatisfaction” would be underneath the picture of an animal written in Latin).  I also have joined the lower middle class throng (and all of society for that matter) in crying the Swan Song of unhappiness with poverty.

2.  To learn what tact means.

3.  To become less familiar with the artificial glow of the Golden Arches (I wish this was a reference to a bridge in San Francisco) and get more cozy with the soft, skinny light of my kitchen.

4.  To continue to discover and indulge in what makes me truly happy.

5.  To be incredibly prolific in all manner of writing.

There.  Now you know.  I’m sure I have other ambitions, I am as they say “gung-ho” but I suppose this is all you care to hear and all I care to tell you.  I’d love to hear what you’re working on as well, whether it be written or spoken to me.


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