Dear Diary

If I were a regular diary writer, my entry for today would go something like this:

I went to my church because I am religious. I showered afterwards because my hair was greasy. I won in Mario Kart (for the Nintendo 64) because I was exasperated from having to be subservient to either the computer or a loved one. I feel victorious and a surge in my self-esteem. I proceeded to make chili and cornbread because I was hungry, and ate three chocolate chip/peanut butter cookies because I lack self control amidst the cookie realm. I then signed up for an LDS account because I want to do Mormon things online and checked out ways to volunteer in my community because I want to pretend like I’m not a selfish human being. I then proceeded to contort my body into pretzel like shapes which I believe in our society is known as yoga, because I needed to feel balanced and listened to Philip Glass because I wanted to feel cultured and calm. At last, I wrote to you because I miss writing. Sometimes I feel nervous that when I’m gone from this life, I will have done nothing of real merit. I suppose writing is a way to immortalize whatever usefulness I might possess.


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3 Responses to Dear Diary

  1. sami says:

    done nothing of merit?! you don’t have to be mother theresa. do what you can with what you got. if you do nothing else in the world aside from being my friend i’ll eulogize you. and i’ll have plenty good things to say 🙂

    i’ve been reminded recently that i should write in my journal again. while may blog may be pretty “tell all” there are still plenty of things that i don’t write—and a journal may be a good outlet. or diary. or whatever you call it.

    p.s. i used to think diary was related to diarrhea. it always made me laugh.

  2. Simply being alive is of merit. It’s a courageous thing sometimes, you know. Sigh.
    Oh the lives and differences we make in people’s heart simply by living and being. 😉
    Take it smooth.

  3. I like this!
    The simple things are quite interesting… xx

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